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iMentor Casino Tycoon Home


iMentor Casino Tycoon Your Passport to breathtaking
business success!

Now you can profit from the world's leading mobile phone, and tablet “smart” casinos by sending customers to them with our expertise behind you!

Want to know why you've just struck gold by landing on this proven business start-up page?

We at Global Online Gambling

Starting your own new business with us is fun and fast.

Global Online Gambling Advertising

Introductory Sale

Our £100k+ value business package includes everything you need for cash success, and you'll save a virtual £96,050 with our current promotion.

The iCasino market boasts a rich and stable history, and yes – you're invited!


iMentor Casino Tycoon Home

As you will be aware, many franchises and business start-ups sound attractive until you're immersed in them. Now you can forget cleaning dirty carpets, working out what fractional pips are in Forex trading, setting up expensive, risky or complicated restaurants, delivering pet food (and paying huge franchise fees and ongoing royalties!) or joining an empty promises internet money making farce – or for that matter, any business where you know, in your heart, there is really no hope, or one where you have to answer to a franchisor or a boss, or learn endless jargon to no avail!

Everything you need to become a iCasino Tycoon is on this page,why not use it to your advantage?

Promote hundreds of games, make hundreds of thousands of pounds - or even more!

Essential Industry Basics: In mobile casino marketing – using our carefully sourced standard and tailored agreements with casinos, you earn a share of the profits your players generate with our ground-breaking iMentor Casino Tycoon Package.

With our unparalleled experience and inside industry knowledge, you'll only promote the very best mobile and online casino products which return real profits, week in, week out.

What's more, we've exclusively negotiated the ultimate revenue share rates for our iMentor Casino Tycoons – giving you more revenue from every wager. This is very important, because it means you break into profit that much earlier than say, a chancer, trying his luck at random casinos.

iMentor Casino Tycoon Home

This is just the beginning


When you take advantage of our fantastic support and connections services, very soon you could have hundreds, and then thousands of real money players on board; and because every casino profits from their house edge, you'll win a large share of the profits as your players' deposits build exponentially.

Although winnings and jackpots are paid out every day, your profits are linked to the casinos' overall house edge. The fact that winners more often than not reinvest their winnings in the casino leads to stable profits for our Tycoons: that's solid cash in your bank month after month. Best of all, your casino earnings are based on the lifetime-value of each and every player you introduce!
Prepare for continual bank transfers into your chosen payment
account every month from the world's most trusted and highly

The games our International Tycoons promote, vary from like roulette and blackjack, to slots (slots are massive by the way!).

Join us and you'll offer your new players irresistible welcome bonus promotions and loyalty incentives to get them signed up and depositing, and all promotions will be provided for you: banners, links, SMS codes, QR codes – literally everything you could possibly require, plus your own account managers across every single product offering. We'll help set up your marketing and accounts systems to ensure you hit the ground running, we'll also offer additional tools and our own specialist techniques to give your campaign efforts real muscle.

As you will be aware, many franchises and business start-ups sound attractive until you're immersed in them. Now you can forget cleaning dirty carpets, working out what fractional pips are in Forex trading, setting up expensive, risky or complicated restaurants, delivering pet food (and paying huge franchise fees and ongoing royalties!) or joining an empty promises internet money making farce – or for that matter, any business where you know, in your heart, there is really no hope, or one where you have to answer to a franchisor or a boss, or learn endless jargon to no avail!

Truly become your own boss in a solid successful industry renowned for innovation promoting very simple brand leading iCasino products and services for only £3950 with Global Online Gambling & and make six figures or more. iCasino is any interative casino product which generates earnings for you through Global Online Gambling & iGaming's contacts. Your contacts!

By proceeding to the merchant checkout you agree to the terms and conditions 

iMentor Casino Tycoon Home

A Word of Caution

This is a specialist market where gaining enough momentum to become a truly successful Online Gambling & iGaming entrepreneur is a huge challenge without established contacts, expert knowledge and experience of the organisations in the market. Time really is money, and it's who you know and what you know in Online Gambling & iGaming.

Our extensive real world exposure to the market and resulting data ensures you will not waste any time promoting undesirable casinos' games/products (with poor accountability and audit trails), or use inappropriate marketing tools, or even be drawn into nightmare casinos which cannot keep their promises (we'll steer you well clear of these). Working out which casinos should be avoided is an art and not a science and it takes real tenacity and deep pockets to establish where profits will flow from most freely – we've been there, we've done it.

For you, all possible concerns are taken care of thanks to Global Online Gambling & iGaming's huge data silos and established relationships which together hold the golden secret to our own success – and in turn, our ability to manage the process of maximizing your earnings in this exciting industry.

iMentor Casino Tycoon Home

We are Global Online Gambling & - We can make it happen for you.

iMentor Casino Tycoon HomeGain momentum and actually make real profits – we're in no doubt that what we offer is a £100,000 service for serious entrepreneurs for a fraction of the price – so we can all earn more cash from real money smart phone casino players across the globe as the market goes into overdrive – it's happening now!

How can we offer you this superb opportunity with complete confidence at a small fraction of the true value?

Our casino partners are cash rich, and they're rewarding us for finding ambitious clients just like you – they're also waiting to help assist you in unlocking what is a once in a lifetime learning opportunity starting here today for you. It's in the casinos' interests. Now you can profit from your very own casino marketing empire from the comfort of your coffee table.

We did exactly this when we started and we can't wait for you to do the same!  

Remember, you don't have to be concerned about what happens in the casinos. Your players will be pampered and kept active by expert Online Gambling & iGaming marketing teams dedicated to providing 24 hour customer service for every single player you introduce. Send depositing players (we look forward to showing you the most powerful methods of doing this!) and you'll see daily reports packed with data across your acquired player base. You'll know exactly how much each player is spending daily and see what you are earning through your access to the world's most accurate and rigid on-line reporting systems.

iMentor Casino Tycoon Home

Monitor your operations and revenues from wherever you feel most comfortable and build a sensational, real cash, casino enterprise.

iMentor Casino Tycoon Home

By proceeding to the merchant checkout you agree to the terms and conditions

A £100k+ value business package for just £3,950 includes everything you need for business health and cash success.

We negotiate Best Revenue Sign-Up Rates for you with only our most trusted and approved casino partners – they are the crème de la crème of the entire multi-billion pound industry

SIX MONTHS TAILORED START-UP Online Gambling & iGaming Consultancy is yours – to get your introductions in place and network systems up and running – fast! Courtesy of Global Online Gambling & iGaming's iMentor Casino Tycoon Support Team

GET 5* Unlimited Assistance from our chosen casinos' marketing teams: TELEPHONE, SKYPE, EMAIL, FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS. You choose!

Buy Now: You'll be guided by Global Online Gambling & iGaming's Lead Consultant known throughout the industry – A fully tailored package will be provided for you based on your unique profile. You keep all of your revenues!

Global Online Gambling & takes pride in providing tailored emails and calls packed with money making nuggets of qualified information and instructions which you'll use to gain access to our trusted global casino partner network. You can start building your business very soon if you're a suitable candidate.

Global Online Gambling & iGaming's network of contacts and their combined expertise is staggering – and you could take advantage of virtually all the knowledge they have.

Don't start your new business and lifestyle until you see the full summary below, of EXACTLY what Global Online Gambling & are offering you today with this limited-time offering:-

Global Online Gambling & iMentor™ Casino Tycoon PackageCan you take in all of the Titanium Exclusive Benefits?

Real tycoons are made

We introduce you to trusted and proven leading casino e-commerce partners and their sales teams – crucial to your success.

Full Revenue Support

You'll receive crucial planning and technical assistance, commercial awareness calls, and exclusive scoop tips and newsletters from the Global Online Gambling & iGaming team and dedicated Online Gambling & iGaming managers from around the world – we know them by name and reputation!

Be proud of your success

All you need is a PC and a bank account into which your commissions will be deposited and minimal working capital. £250-1000 can quite honestly be enough to get a step on the ladder, if you have more to invest – fine.

Put the wheels in motion

Receive thousands into your bank £$€ by wire transfer or other convenient payment method every month once established and promote the chosen brands as much as you like with our assistance. We'll show you exactly how in your exclusive tailored marketing report which you will receive after you have signed up with our chosen partners!

iMentor Casino Tycoon Home
Only you – and a select handful of other ambitious prospects will work with us in this explosive market from 2013, with virtually unlimited potential to earn.This is a limited capacity offer and may be withdrawn at any time.

Our Tycoons couldn't be happier...

“I'm so pleased I stopped to really think, when I read about Global Online Gambling &

Thanks to them, not only do I now have a valuable stake in the iCasino market, but with their help, I now target all of my efforts in the most profitable areas of the sector, promoting the right offers, to the right surfers, at the best times – I know for sure, that I could never have owned such a solid business plan without Global Online Gambling & iGaming's iMentor Casino Tycoon package. Thank you.”

D. Taylor, Global Online Gambling & iGaming iMentor Casino Tycoon. England.

Are you the Ideal Candidate? If you haven't already checked, please navigate here to find out more (link open in a new window).

Want to know even more? Click here to check out iMentor™ Casino Tycoon FAQs

Global Online Gambling & iGaming iMentor™ Casino Tycoon is a £100,000+ value service; a specialist Online Gambling & iGaming business development service and it's on offer today for just £3950.00.

That's a virtual saving of £96,050.

By clicking the buy now button below and submitting your credit/debit card details, you are confirming that you would like to become an iCasino Tycoon and that you are keen to source a potentially unlimited lifetime income. You also agree to all terms and conditions of this offer.

The iMentor Casino Tycoon package is growing in popularity and we cannot guarantee this package will be priced anywhere near this low tomorrow, or perhaps even later today.

We're promoting this incredibly rare opportunity worldwide on hundreds of networks for a limited time only and we have a strict sales quota to ensure our growth is controlled and that our support service is top notch.

To ensure your ability to receive casino cash in this exhilarating £15bn market and use that cash to do whatever you like sign-up now to the iMentor Casino Tycoon Package provided by Global Online Gambling & and without delay.


Learn all you must, and Profit from our iMentor Casino Tycoon Titanium Start-Up Six Month Membership Today! You'll never look back…

By proceeding to the merchant checkout you agree to the terms and conditions

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Make the right Online Gambling & iGaming move today and never look back!

Have a Project on mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let's talk about what we can build and raise together.

iMentor Casino Tycoon Home

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