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Flair, Ambition

​We are looking for entrepreneurs with varying levels of experience who are looking for new and lucrative opportunities to start and develop a new digital iGaming business. Our ideal candidates are self starters and are prepared to take charge of their own future. If you think that you fit this description, then the iMentor Casino Tycoon Package could be for you.

We are proud to have developed and deployed an estate of well established mobile and desktop facing sites, domains, traffic programs and highly specialised dynamic landing pages where the most capable partners leverage their brands alongside other leading desktop online  and mobile casino operators’ complimentary promotions.


You will be ambitious and aspire to take control of your own future. Backed by our dynamic business model, success is achieved through desire and hard work for those who want the financial and lifestyle rewards.


Can you take responsibility for your own success? As an entrepreneur, you need to take charge and make it happen for yourself and our partner iCasinos who will also guide you as and when required in order for your business to succeed.


​As an entrepreneur, you need to be well organised and manage-to-control your time and your activity. You should know every aspect of your business and be able to demonstrate that to us, and to your ultimate iGaming merchants who will pay you handsomely when your players deliver cash deposits into their mobile transaction wallets.


​To benefit from the rewards of being your own boss – a casino tycoon – you need to be disciplined and dedicated. To succeed you will need to inject your time and energy to take full advantage of this huge, and expanding opportunity.


​iGaming is an exciting industry, where a  good attitude is essential – no doubt about it

In business, there are always unexpected hurdles.  We are looking for people who can take these hurdles on as challenges, look for solutions and continue with their plans.  If this is you, get in touch with us.

Our opportunity gives you the best possible chance to succeed in your own mobile casino marketing business.  However, the success of any business is influenced hugely by the people behind it and we are looking for budding or established entrepreneurs who have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm! 

"Follow your dreams, or you'll spend the rest of your life working for someone else who followed theirs."

Fit the profile? Surf the iGaming wave -

Have a Project on mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

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